September 21, 2011

great fair trade finds

because i am an avid online shopper, i thought i'd write about the amazing things i've found from the sites i blogged about yesterday, that support fair trade. here are a few that personally, peaked my interest.

1. patagonia women's specter running shoe, $125

how great is this shoe? it comes in other colors, too, but why talk about those when you can get this one in a sweet blue and yelllow?! just saying.

2. eco-wise, brooms, starting at $13.95

ok yes, $13 might be a lot for a broom, but i just thought these looked super cool. and i know it'd make house cleaning a lot more fun. ha! this site has a lot of great cleaning products and toiletry items that also caught my eye.

3. fair trade olive oil, 1000 ml tins (2), from green heart shop, $64.95

i am an olive oil nut, so this definitely made me look twice. this is actually a very good price, as most of your really good evoo's cost around $25-30 per liter. i love love love, this website, green heart shop. everything under the kitchen section and a few in the jewelry, and ok lets face it most of the accessories and quilts, made me drool a little bit. i am planning on doing some chirstmas shopping here for sure!

4. ethical ocean's laundry tarts, 4 pounds, for $19.95

this one is just fun. eco-friendly, hypo-allergenic, fair trade, dessert flavoured laundry detergent. you actually can buy this in plain, but why would you want to when you can have banana bread, birthday cake or key lime pie? love this!

5. reclaimed double ruffle t-scarf at fair indigo, $18.95

i love it! and when you order one you never know what color you will get, so that's kind of like a fun game. haha! i am a scarf QUEEN and this is my favorite one so far, in my fair trade scarf searches.

also, if you're an avid deal finder, haute-looker/rue la laer, like me, be sure to check out pure citizen. it's the same idea, but with fair trade.

go find some stuff for yourself and make your top five! i want to see what everyone loves.

thanks for reading!

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