October 4, 2011

recipes lately

i have much to share and post. recently, my friend from south africa came to the states on a tour of storytelling on what God has been doing in zimbabwe and south africa. amazing, inspiring stuff, people. a couple of weekends ago, my small group at church, had a garage sale for the work our God is doing there, and decided to give our almost $700 raised, to buy more chickens for our chicken coop. aw yeah!

more on this later. much more.

the purpose of this post, is to let you know that there are some ridiculously amazing recipes out there, right now...that you need to try. here are a few lately, that i have made.

sour cream and cheddar biscuits

potato, kale and sausage soup

vegan chocolate and peanutbutter bars

vegan ranch dip (be sure to use dried dill on this one...)

apple and honey challah (mega fav!)

fresh baked granola

thanks for reading!

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