December 8, 2011

christmas giving at any baby can

our small group had an awesome opportunity this year to buy presents for a family who wasn't able to. we decided back in november to partner with a fellow-east side organization called, any baby can. any baby can, is a non-profit here in austin,  who brings help and aid to families in need or with special needs, every year.

we loved this project because it was so personal. right after thanksgiving, we were sent a packed from abc that listed the first names of our five-person family we were assigned. we were able to pray for each person and learn more about the family and why they were being assisted by abc. our particular family had a mom, a dad, a teenager and two adult children living at home. we don't know specifics, but we know this family is part of their CARE program. CARE, means that there is a child in the home who has developmental, emotional, behavioral, or special health needs.

what any baby can does with this program, is truly awesome. they provide support and assistance to the parents or caretakers, which in and of itself must be such a lifesaver and encouragement...but get this. this program also provides means for social events and gatherings for ALL families that fall under the CARE program, so that they can meet one another and become a means of support and help for each other. how cool is that?! some of these events are for the entire family, and then there are parent-nights-out where special needs care is provided for the caretakers.

we wrapped a total of fourteen packages per the requests of this family. we had things suggested ranging from a new watch, to ninja turtle action figures. HA! here's a pic of the stash when dan and i dropped of the bag-o'-goods on wednesday.

i hope we continue this tradition into next year. for more information, click the any baby can link or logo above, to learn more about this awesome organization.

thanks for reading!

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