January 5, 2012

current etsy favourites

y'all, i think i'm hitting a houndstooth phase, along with a matryoshka phase.


maybe i should be searching 'russian dolls in houndstooth.'

anyway, i don't know what's up with that but here are some of my current etsy favorites based off my weirdo brain. click on any of the pics to take you directly to purchase. don't worry they have my address on file. HA!

1. this sherlock pillow has awesomesauce spilled all over it.

2. carminita snowflake doll. OMG. so much cuteness.

3. sweet mustache pillow. this my be my most favourite in this addition.

4. i want this hanging in my bathroom. or bedroom. or office. or hallway. yep.

5. ummm....this has red courduroy on the inside, y'all. which reminds me of a great one liner, "courduroy pillows: they're making head lines" bahaha.

6. it's like russian toile.

that's all folks!

thanks for reading.

1 comment:

  1. I completely adore matryoshkas. The Sherlock Holmes pillow is pretty cool, too. :)