January 7, 2012

do the cha cha

i don't know if i was high on sinus medicine or if it's from going to acupuncture (seriously, it's better than vitamin d), but i've been sick the past three days and had an enormous amount of energy when i finally got out of bed this morning. i guess it could have been the massive amounts of sleep my body has soaked in. but seriously. it was like 'hurricane emily' all up in my house. anything that got in my way was cleaned, organised, and sorted for goodwill. oh, also i painted our entire laundry room, top to bottom, shelves included.

no big deal.

i've had this massive to-do list since january one,  but things kept happening, some people call it 'life.' i think it might be about to drive my dear, sweet husband insane, because i keep moving my to-do list around on my 'housekeeping' google calendar that we share. every day ten new things pop up on his calendar. oops. he has been so sweet and patient and loving with me and my crazysauce--he fixed our two broken toilets and brought me chinese food. i am his forever.

i also made this awesome picture, inspired by something i posted in my last blog from a rad store called castle. i made mine with felt and a bulletin board. mine is better, because it looks like my 2 1/2 year old niece made it.

here's theirs:

here's mine:

i love it so much, i hung it in my laundry room. you know, the freshly painted one. this is the only room in the entire house that no one else goes into. i imagine hiding from my kids in there someday. me and the cha cha art.

well, i'm out. i'm going to post more of my new years series soon.

thanks for reading!


  1. I really do like yours better. It looks more handcrafted. I have a group of friends and we call ourselves the cha chas. We are all going to Napa Valley this month, and I made luggage tags that say wine me up..and away I go.

  2. aw thanks! that sounds like a way fun group! maybe i should start an austin chapter. :) i hope you have an amazing trip!!