March 25, 2012

three blogs that i love

there are so many cool blogs out there, that if i linked them all, this page would be one giant link page. alas. here are three you should definitely check out.

1. bright bazaar - this blog's theme is, 'because beige is boring.' i agree. mr. bazaar is a wonderful stylist, in and of himself, and is always doing really smashing londony things that i adore, like going to the flower market. love.

2. kinship - this is my friend kk, from back home. she's awesome, and always has something neat and fun going on. her kiddos are adorable and there's always at least one giveaway going on. love her heart and her style.

3. heather's dish - my friend heather is amazing. she posts the best recipes, that i use ALL the time. she became a new mama about two weeks ago and is somehow keeping up with the blogging journey. i mean, talk about dedication, people. she rules.

thanks for reading!

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