April 18, 2012

lemon drop lip balm

i opened this lemon drop chapstick lip balm, by eos, five minutes ago and i think i'm addicted. no, i am. there's no thinking about it.

hello, my name is emily and i am addicted to this lemon drop of love flavoured lip balm. and no, i can not stop anytime i want. 

look! i posed it in my laundry room for you. (that's where the best light in our house is. seriously.)

i can't stop putting it on. it's amazing. and smooth. and it protects my lips from the sunshine that i am not currently in, but isn't that awesome??

i can not for the life of me remember what magazine i was reading where it was voted the best lip balm ever, but i'm so glad i did. my lips feel like christmas.

it's $2.99 at drugstore.com, and you should go get some.  like right now. i also got sweet mint. note that the sweet mint does not have the spf in it to protect you from the sunshine, but it does say fancy things on the outside in french, like, "baume pour les levers". delightful.

in retrospect, i probably should have wiped down that shelf in my laundry room before snapping a picture with my phone. but i guess i didn't have time since i was moisturizing my lips.


and thanks for reading!

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