June 6, 2012

week 5: budgeting explosion

well, i guess we saw this coming.

i knew i was going to be over budget this week.

i had to buy about ten dollars worth of cheese for a specific recipe i'm making someone and i also needed a couple of extras like chip clips, and an avocado saver. i also knew i needed several pounds of organic meat (that was my big purchase...about $17 worth!). however...i confess...i got carried away with the 93 degrees of hotness outside and went a little crazar over all the delicious summer foods!

let's see...pale ale (okay not technically a food....or a regular purchase...), half a gallon of ice cream, sorbet (raspberry), a watermelon, herbed goat cheese, a pint of blueberries and two pounds of peaches for cobbler making and iced teas, a giant basil  plant, white corn on the cob, lots of fresh avocados and tomatoes...

the grand total was $127. that's $77 over my budget. YIKES!

it's funny because it doesn't even seem like that much, on the table, but i assure you, it cost all of $127.


here are some recipes i'll be making this week:

tomato, goat cheese and avo salad (tossed with lemon juice, sea salt and evoo)
mexican street corn (btw, i use vegannaise and parmesan)
blueberry and peach cobbler
avocado cobb with kale
emily's baked spaghetti

thanks for reading! and for sticking with me through my summer instant gratifications.

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  1. Sometimes you need to splurge! Make up for it for buying bargain veggies from HEB next week and eating vegetable soup for two days.