December 13, 2013

#9 The Disney Wonder

Well, I figured I should show you more about our fantastic cruise we enjoyed with my family in November.

We had the BEST time. The weather was a little bit crazy/windy, so we didn't have much pool/beach time other than Castaway Cay, but that was totally find by us! We are such home bodies, that we enjoyed lounging in our room with the balcony open, watching all the awesome movies on TV. I think we saw all four Pirates of the Caribbean at least once, and a ton of old cartoons and other Disney Classics (Bedknobs and Broomsticks, anyone??).

Here's a pic of our boat, the Disney Wonder. Disney's cruise ships are styled after old steamboat liners. I love it! Such a fun ship too--super clean and well maintained.

When we got on board, we discovered many gifts in our room, from people who wanted to wish us a Bon Voyage! So fun!! These are just some of the treats we got. We also had flowers, bath robes and some on board spending sent! Woohoo!

Our cruising was the first one decorated for Christmas. Love it. It was so tasteful---the decor and the holiday accents. You'd think there'd be crazy characters everywhere, but there wasn't. This is outside one of the main dining rooms called Triton's.

And here we are!

Here's a funny one of Izzy. I guess she got some binoculars before the trip and was totally obsessed with them over breakfast one morning.

The day we stopped in the Bahamas, Dan and I bought a daypass to the British Colonial Hotel. It was AMAZING! Here are a few pics. We got to use their beach, kayaks, pool, lounging areas--pretty much anything a normal guest would get. So fun!

 Thanks for reading, friends!

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  1. What a fun trip!! I love "Bedknobs and Broomsticks", too! :)