June 25, 2011

birthday love

today is my man's birthday...hooray!! it's going to be a great time celebrating. i wanted to share something cool i got to do for him on his special day. my friend kk posted a link to this etsy shop on her blog, and i totally fell in love with everything! i ordered one with a, 'd' and 'e' on the front.

then, i filled it with pictures, funny g-chat snippets and ticket stubs from various shows and concerts we have attended over the past year.

i love the time around dan's birthday because it was last year during this time that we said, 'i love you' and, 'i want to marry you.' crazy how things can change in a year!!

thanks for reading!

1 comment:

  1. what a cute idea! it would be fun to keep adding to it. love it!