June 26, 2011

the birthday love continued

(warning, this post contains a LOT of pictures!!)

we went out to duchman winery, today, in good ol' driftwood, texas, for a little more celebration of my man's birthday. it was totally awesome.

the hill country is so beautiful. all kids of trees everywhere--a perfect get away into a calmer atmosphere. here are a few more pics of duchman.

they have an incredible italian restaurant on-site, trattoria lisina. this is where we spent a good portion of our day. first, we toasted with a bottle of malvira, a sweet red, served chilled. it was the perfect way to start off a delicious meal. 

our next adventure was sharing the antipasto plate. holy moly, this was intense. my favorite part was the marinated artichoke, which is the funny yellow thing with a tall stem. they had aged meats, cow and goat cheeses, marinated olives and mushrooms, sweet red peppers and caper berries---the list goes on.

for a main course, dan tried the duck, and i had a proscuitto pizza. it was an absolute treat!

we enjoyed the gorgeous view and beautiful fountains and had an all around relaxing day. i'm so grateful for days like this!

i think this birthday was a definite success. we had some apps and white wine at the driskill grill last night and then headed over to the stephen f. to celebrate with an excellent group of friends and family! we had a great time! we capped the night off with a stay at one of the stephen f's great state rooms (thanks priceline, ha!). it was a treat to relax and sleep after a crazy few weeks of packing and moving.

back to the proverbial 'grind' tomorrow, but i am so grateful to have been able to spend the weekend with my man!

thanks for reading!


  1. Fun!! J and I love to go to wineries/breweries! Happy birthday to Dan!

  2. You take GORGEOUS pictures! The winery looks like SO much fun and the pizza looks DELICIOUS

  3. the pizza was out of control, good! and you're sweet about the pics--they were from my iphone!! :D