June 10, 2011

fill in the blank friday: vacations

thanks, t. i love these! :)

1. this weekend i'm going to a neighborhood cookout and working on the house!

2. my last vacation was in march to orlando. dan was in a wedding and we took an afternoon to hit up universal and eat a lot of food. ha!

3. my next vacation will be in five years.

4. my favorite way to relax is to make tea and sit quietly.

5. when vacationing one should always research the area you are going to visit, thoroughly.

6. when vacationing one should never forget his or her passport or ID. sigh.

7. the best thing about vacationing is experiencing life in another culture. even if it's still in the US, there's such a variety of flavour here, and it's fun to try new foods and see more of creation.

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