June 8, 2011

house update 1.5

i don't really feel like i can totally move to 'update number 2', because we still have no furniture in the house. but nonetheless, we have been working really hard to get it ready! we have a few more rooms done, including the kitchen, master bath, and the office. hurrahhhh!

here are some photos of how the office went down. we painted this in the death star grey (HAHA!), cloud city blue, with a stripe of stormtrooper white. :)

i also picked up a can of martha stewart's winters day, on a whim at home depot yesterday. i got inspired by a friend's guest bathroom recently and decided that our master bath must be grey! i could not be happier with how it turned out...it's my current favourite room! dan has already renamed this paint, naturally...i can't remember what it is tho. i've got to start writing these things down!

a little over a week before we move. i have yet to pack anything. HA HA! so sad! we have moved all our wedding gifts over. i keep telling the man, if we just take one load of junk every day, we should be good to go. we've done this once. oopsie.

tonight we will be tackling the living room, which will all be white, errmmm stormtrooper white. clean, fresh...love!

thanks for reading!

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