June 21, 2011


alright party people. i am not the craftiest but i had a lot of fun making some fabric hoops for our bedroom wall!

it's pretty simple.

first, you take some cross-stitch hoops, 

and some of your favorite fabrics,

and then you...wait for it...put the fabric in side the hoops! i traced a circle with the larger hoop and then cut a little further outside of the line i traced to get a little bit of excess fabric. this helped secure it a little easier, and then you can trim the extra fabric that sticks out, for a clean, crisp look.

so easy! voila!! now you have some great wall decor.

thanks for reading!!


  1. I think this is a great idea! I also like to do cross stitching & think it would be cute to display some whole still in the hoop like this. :)

  2. ooooooooh totally!! i am working on another project with hoops for each side of our bed. i'll have to show you/tell you on saturday.