June 3, 2011

house update #1

we started work last weekend on the house, and i am so excited to move in! the actual packing and moving part? not so exciting. we move in two weeks and i have not a single thing packed.

dan has been so incredibly supportive of this process and has even given the paint colours new names. that makes me smile big! our palate is martha stewart's,  popcorn (stormtrooper white), anvil (death star grey), and spring melt (umm...something frost). we have a few other colors mixed in here and there, like martha's lagoon (cloud city blue)...going on the walls and backsplash of the kitchen.

the walls are a horrible, horrible brown color, and i miiiight regret this later, but as of now i am refusing to take 'before' pictures.

(ummm, emily, your blog background is brown? just saying.)

here are a few sneaky peaks:

i will try my best to keep you updated as progress is made! this weekend i'm tackling the office and living room, with a trip to home depot and ikea on the side. woo!

thanks for reading!

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