June 29, 2011

red, blue, chicken and dumplings

i can not tell you how thrilled i am to have a kitchen back. YAY! i've already made biscuits from scratch and tried out this incredible iced coffee recipe. i think it will become a new favorite in the o'rodriguez house!

here is a peek at our red living room, my husband so graciously did himself! i taped one corner..he did the rest! ha!

also, i purchased this rug from ikea, after looking into several DIY chevy zig zag patterend rugs, and took a crack at it with our leftover red and blue paint. i think i may take the red all the way to the top edge because it came out very wonky. ha!

i love having fresh flowers in the house. and  love when you can get a great bunch for $4 at HEB.

last night, we had chicken and dumplings from soup peddler and it was totally delish. i really want to try out their juicebox next time i'm there, because i'm pretty sure the voltron smoothie is calling my name. voltron. with a name like that, i feel like i'll get super strength or...something! right?!

love to all, and thanks for reading!

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