July 5, 2011

fourth of july potluck challenge, version 1.0

oh yes. that just happened.

so we decided, last thursday night, with our soma group, that we would have a ridiculous potluck on the fourth. it was nothing short of fantastic! the deal was, that you had to bring a dish that the name of it began with the first letter of your last name. HA! we had some GREAT ones! the gatewoods brought guacamole, the gonzales's brought grookies and grandiose mashed potatoes, the pursely's brought pork tenderlion and peach cobber, and the herbert's brought healthy hotdogs, and a happy salad! it was a BLAST!

we had an array of others join in, and we ate a lot, talked about life, told stories, and played catch phrase.

in case you were wondering, we made raspberry lemonade, really awesome gluten free chocolate cake, rad beef and red velvet cake. here's a picture of the cake...dan decorated the top. :)

i don't know what our next potluck challenge will consist of. maybe a theme, like under the sea, or a night in hollywood. HA! who knows. i'll leave you with a few more pics from the night, courtesy of gowalla.

bella and samuel---two of the MANY cute babies in attendance!

 lesley, chris and kaye playing catch phrase! hilarious.

errr, this is blurry, but a group of guys played a game called quelf. i dunno what was up with this game but there was singing, dancing, rapping...ha!

i hope you all had a fabulous long weekend. thanks for reading!


  1. All of your food sounds delicious! And I've never thought of a themed potluck! What a fun idea!

  2. ha! it was way fun!! you should def do it, friend. you could make mashed potatoes, or monkey brains...