July 21, 2011

the grey area: praying for ric

i was washing my hands in the sink at a mom and pop gas station /antique store/barbecue joint in liberty hill, texas, before i really realized what was happening.

you see, this past sunday, dan and i were on our way to a much anticipated viewing of the last harry potter movie with my entire family, at the gold class cinema at the domain (you know the super fancy movie theater with recliners and food service). we were one exit away when we got the call: dan's dad had a stroke. so we just kept going.

his mom, anita, drove dan's dad, ric, to the hospital around 4pm, after he had complained of dizziness, and loss of vision in his right eye. they were checked in at metroplex, in killeen texas, and transferred the next day to north austin, where ric's doctors are.

i could bore you with a lot of medical jargon and fancy words, and lament over the many frustrations we have encountered, but here is what we know: ric had a light stroke, there is 73% blockage in his neck, and now we are stuck in a 'grey area.'

so now we are here. he needs surgery to remove the blockage. however, today they have discovered issues with both his lungs and kidneys and can not do the surgery with weak lungs. we are limited in testing ability, because of his pacemaker (they can't do MRI's). his specialists have formed opposing camps on how to proceed, so it is a waiting game. perhaps the most devastating symptom, aside from the stroke complications...is that he doesn't remember his wife or his son.

please pray with us for wisdom. the doctors keep talking about this 'grey' are of uncertainty they are in. we know, in our hearts, that that 'grey' is the space where God works. you hear stories all the time of doctors being unable to explain why certain things happen medically, and i believe this 'grey' we are experiencing now is an opportunity for God's glory to shine brightly. that doesn't mean that we will pull out of this 100% perfectly. and that doesn't mean that we will even pull out of this. that's the beauty of God's glory---He can be made beautiful in any situation. but until one thing or the other happens, we rejoice and rest in the grey area, knowing that whatever happens, it's what God knew would give us the most life.


  1. emily, praying for you guys...thanks for sharing...

  2. Praying for you guys, praying for the doctors, praying that God uses this to teach and to make Himself known. What an amazingly positive attitude you have!

  3. Oh, Emily!! That grey area just stinks sometimes. But, there are always blessings. Whether it's bringing family back together or learning that every second of every day is more precious than we ever thought possible! I pray for strength, wisdom, and peace. Lean on those around you. You & Dan have a support system that is your strength in this time. Use it!