August 15, 2011

our weekend in pictures

we had a glorious time with our friends austin and lindsay friday night, talking mission and life. sadly i didn't get any pictures of the awesome peach crisp we had from soup peddler, but here's one of dan later that night as we were reviewing our budget and other various computer-type tasks.

saturday morning, emma dog came over to play, which was super fun. she helped me clean out the fridge by eating the last bits of proscuitto, cheese and yogurt i had!

saturday was also errand day. i feel like this pic looks like product placement for ritz crackers, which is funny, because i actually don't like ritz. i only buy them when i make my friend teresa's creamy chicken casserole. YUMMY!

sunday, we went to cove to see dan's mom, which was super fun. her friend from oklahoma was visiting and we had a great time catching up and setting up a new latop! (geek alert.) on the way back to austin, it started raining on us! glorious.

sunday night we made it back in time to enjoy dinner with our neighbors, the gross family, and my sister mary and her family. i gave issy this awesome panda shirt last week and she wore it to dinner last night. totally awesome.

hope you all had a fabulous weekend.  thanks for reading!

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  1. Looks like you had a fun weekend! Love you dearly!