August 27, 2011

a study in pink and scentsy!

this weekend has been the weekend o' fun around here!

friday night we hosted a guys night/ladies night between our house and jana and larry's. the girls came over to our house and watched the new BBC series, sherlock. the episodes are an hour and forty minutes each so we camped out with fried cheese and home made cookies and made a night of it. the episode was called, 'a study in pink' so i decided to drag every pink thing i could find into the living room for decoration. ha!

today, i hosted a scentsy party with my friend xylena. we had a blast!! i had never tried scentsy before but basically there are tons of delightful scents you can smell. see?

they look like tiny little makeups! but as you can see, they are all individually scented like a spa, holiday, season...the list goes on.

so you can order bricks or smaller blocks of the fragrance and all kinds of warming pots and plug ins for them to go inside. it's kind of like a wickless candle...without all the smoke and fumes and bad things candles can give off. we had a blast interacting with all the products and finding our favourites.

i ended up  buying a cool modern looking red warmer and the scents, 'thunderstorm' and 'my dear watson' for us to try out at home, and purchased a large warmer with a beautiful cross, for dan's mom, with, 'white sands' as the scent. pretty awesome stuff.

did i mention how fun the scents were and how much fun we had smelling them? ok one more pic, for fun,  because they just look cool.

you can check out my friend's website here, and see all the products for yourself. try it! it's so fun!

thanks for reading friends! happy weekend!


  1. How fun!! I just recently purchased a scentsy myself and love it!

  2. oooooooooooh! what scent(s) did you get??