August 29, 2011

graze organic, for the win!

i think you're supposed to say "FTW"! instead of "for the win" but whatever people. here's the point. we got some really rad reusable ziplocks last week and the ROCK. look how happy i am!

i estimate that we go through one box of ziplocks a week, around $3 a box. so that's $12 a month, $144 a year...holy moly! i have plans for that $144! we purchased eight of these bags at graze organic's online shop. with shipping we spent around $70, but hey...that's less than half of what we'd pay in a year..then after that it's pure saving!

these are just three of the styles. we also have a couple that say 'surprise' with a big question mark, and also, a fruit bag. i love them. they velcro on the top, and you can flip them inside out to clean them or throw them in the washing machine. brilliant.

ok! go get some! graze organic. you will LOVE them!

thanks for reading!

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