September 20, 2011

garage sale time!

 this is my girl, beatrice.

she is my friend, and lives in marondera, zimbabwe at an orphanage called musha wevana. last october, a group of volunteers (including myself) and founders of help end local poverty, traveled to zim and south africa to see how we could better help our friends at musha.

this experience, as you can imagine, was life changing. we spent a week in zimbabwe, mostly without running water, touring schools, both public and private, learning about the culture, attending church, checking out a chicken coop we previously sent money over for, learning about water supply, talking with the locals, experiencing incredibly generous hearts within a country who doesn't have much to spare...i could go on and on.

we also spent a week in cape town, south africa, learning and touring about the townships, and having coffee with people who are already doing amazing things to see how we could help.

this saturday, my friends here in austin, are helping us throw a MASSIVE garage sale. we are going to send 100% of the proceeds to musha wevana to help with a housing expansion. i love this place. i love these people, and if you're around austin, you should come out and buy our junk!

here's the ad on craigslist for more info.

thanks for reading!

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