September 14, 2011

in the past year...

...i have experienced a life times worth of blessings. just feeling reflective tonight. here's a look back at what the last year has held.

watched my best friend get married.
swam in the indian ocean.
went to the cape of good hope.
attended a church service in zimbabwe.
roasted a lamb over an open fire.
spent the night on an avocado farm.
got engaged.
took in not one, but two operas.
lost a great mentor in the faith and watched that change lives.
took a sweet captained boat ride on lake austin with 10 of our bff's.
got married at the fabulous driskill hotel.
ate a lot of greek food IN greece.
drank ozou straight from the source (yikes).
rode the heathrow express.
had fish and chip at a real london pub.
began renovating a house.
went to the magical wonderland of harry james potter.
supported another best as she adopted as a single momma.
walked alongside my husband through the death of a parent.
turned thirty years young.

so many laughs, tears, friendships kindled, hearts knitted, emotions tensed, restless nights, pain, suffering, grace, love, growth, life. what a year! who knows what the next one will hold.

thanks for reading!


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  2. What a year. So many places and so many experiences. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, friend!! :)