September 10, 2011

sari bari

well, speaking of doing things to help people learn skills and trades, i found this amazar site today.

sari bari.

i have looked through probably every single product. and i just ordered a shopping bag. because you can't have too many. well, i can't. i guess i'm really hard on my shopping bags, because i go through them a lot! (and how can you beat $6?! you can't.)

i love what this project is doing. they are helping women in india who have been 'freed' from red light districts. holy smokes.

here you can read about each of the women, and find out who made what you purchased. i can't wait to get my bag and make that connection. it gives me chills!

along with the profiles of each woman, is a description of her and her freedom date. how cool is that?!

this one made me tear up. maybe it's because it's a grandmother, but here's an example of one story you'll find on the site.


Our gorgeous Sari Bari grandmother. If you need food she’ll feed you or if you need a hug she will be the first to embrace you. She is brave and protective, fighting hard for the freedom of those around her.

Freedom Birthday: January 2008

i dig it a lot. go get yourself something and celebrate freedom for these women!

thanks for reading.

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  1. oooh i really like the quilts and blankets!! too bad i cant afford them, but i think its such a cool thing!