September 10, 2011

i'm wearing my cranky pants

today they are black and white plaid. and they are really shorts, not pants, but hey...same concept.

i'm all kinds of selfish this morning. my leg is starting to hurt from the weirdo way i've been carrying myself due to my sprained foot, and i just really want to put the whole thing in a big ol ' ice bath. my meds are still making me a little bit wonky, and i'm sad that i can't attend on of my dearest friends birthday parties tonight, or yoga class today. oh yes, and dan came home with a giant tub of apple licorice that i'd sent with him to 'man night' last night over at the russels, and i have totally indulged in a few to many...sayyyy about ten. ha!

did i mention i got stood up by our new lawn mower guy?

anyway, i just saw something really cool on my church's video website, that brought all this crap to light. i've been moping around all morning like a bump on a log, whining to myself about all the chores that need to be done today in preparation for multiple house guests over the next week. you know, there are ALWAYS always always bigger problems and bigger things going on in the world that need our energy and attention.

my church, soma austin, first of all, is really really rad. i love them. i have never been a part of such a tight knit community, that is constantly opening and reweaving itself to add new people, new talents, new grit and raw life into. it is exhilarating.

we have some of the most creative people i've ever known. not just like arts and crafts style, or even arts. although we have some crazy-gifted musicians and photographers, artists, painters, writers, etc. but just people who think outside of the box. our pastor, jacob, felt the call on his life a few years back, after relocating to austin and getting involved, to help the homeless population. (and let's be honest. all who profess Christ, have this call. it is not selective to one person. yes, i am preaching to myself.) ideas came and went, shaped up and fleshed out, talked and tried.

recently, with the collaboration of others like-hearted, the rework project has been formed. i am still learning all the ins and outs of what is going on, but basically our (formerly) homeless friends who come to church with us, have been given space to work on their crafts and skills, to make things...learn trades, to DO something to enrich their lives. it is so awesome. here's a short video. i've watched it twice, and it has made me cry both times!

ReWork Project from Soma Austin on Vimeo.

awesome stuff, huh?

well i'm going to go do the laundry now, so i can put on something other than my cranky pants, and see how i can move forward today.

thanks for reading!

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  1. thanks for sharing this video, i had never seen it but really enjoyed it! :) i dont know how ive missed out on on these blog posts of yours but im catching up on my reading this morning! ;) love you!