October 14, 2011

update from my iphone

actually, that's a funny title! i am the biggest procrastinator in updating my phone when a new operating system thingy comes out (which it just did), because i feel like every single time, everyone does it at once and then apples start exploding. i'm just doing my part. to save the apples. really.


here are some delicious updates for you, via my phone, of life lately.

numero uno. ZURI IS HERE! scream it from the mountain tops, people...i am so glad this baby girl is home and with her mama! a bunch of us met them at the airport with signs and well-wishes. so fun! oh and you can read all about this special girl, to the right under 'adoption blogs'. this one is from 'of hope.'

numero dos. (see how good i am getting at spanish? HA!) here's a pic of us getting into the halloween spirit. or something. i got to go with my nieces (....AND their parents...) to the pumpkin patch festival last weekend, in elgin (so fun!), and i came home with this cool table runner! eight bucks people. rad.

tres. i love kid art. and i love it when kids i know make art. here's a pic my buddie zoe made! this is me, and my friends kaye and allison. we all attend the same small group at church and zoe drew pictures of all of us. i love it!

quatro! a few weeks ago, dan and i had another date-night-in. he actually worked really late one friday, and there was a really rad man-night happening at larry's house, down the street. so i dropped him off there, and ran out to whole foods downtown to pick up some sushi and sake. so, so good.

speaking of my man, here is a pic of him i took the other day of him singing in the car. i think this is one of the funniest things he does! it cracks me up and i hope he's still doing this when we are in our 70's!

okay and for a bonus, here's a video of issy, my niece. sometimes i can't get my video going fast enough...she was signing 'row row row your boat, ' and the video picks up with her saying 'gently down the stream.' the 'merrily's' get a little crazy, so watch out. and then she started asking for paint phone, and none of us still know what she was talking about. but that's just the way it goes sometimes!

have a great weekend, blogging friends!

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