October 20, 2011

yogurt date and pirate talk

last weekend, dan and i got to take our niece, ruby, on a yogurt date. we had a blast! she is such a good kid, so it's easy(er) to create a lot of fun!

she had vanilla/chocolate swirl yogurt with pink animal crackers and m&m minis on top. i think i threw some raspberries on there too, to make it nice and healthy, ha ha.

on the way home, ruby started into this funny rant saying, "hello taco. hola taco. goodbye taco. BYE TACO! adios taco. AHOY TACO!"

totally hilarious!

so actually, 'ahoy' is 'hello' in slovak, which could be why she was saying that, but i think she was really trying to be a pirate like dan. here's the video---see for yourself.

when we got home she was showing us the pumpkins that her gaga got for her. i love this pic!

thanks for reading!


  1. I love this post. Ruby was saying Ahoy Matey when she put on a dog hat a friend gave her when I was there a few weeks before you took her out. Don't know where she got it, but she loves to say it.

  2. So sweet! I know she enjoyed a fun time with her aunt and uncle!! :)