November 7, 2011


well, there are two rocks of note to talk about from our weekend here in sunny, austin, texas.

here is the first one.

this is a hot rock---about 400 degrees, to be exact, and one of several truly divine things we ordered at imperia saturday night. this is a new asian fusion type place in the warehouse district, and groupon helped us get a fabulous meal.

this rock, you see pictured, is a cooking tool. the brought out a tray of kobe beef, herb butter, and dipping sauce. first, you put the butter on the rock and let it melt all over it. then you put your beef on the rock...about four seconds per side, dip it in the sauce, and eat, savor, relish, enjoy, devour.

we also had a california roll, and and pork belly buns, that were really more like sliders. absolutely delicious! here's a pic of dan enjoying this food!

we had a wonderful day saturday, by the way. dan started his new job last week (YAY!!!) and this was our first saturday to get so spend together! he suggested christmas decor shopping, so who was i to stand in the way? i happily accompanied him to the arboretum, where we ate lunch at five guys, and then stopped in a few shops to buy gifts for our nieces...and then onto crate and barrel. we got about a dozen ornaments, and i can not wait to decorate our tree!

between holiday shopping and our adventure to imperia, we went to a couple of game shops to check out some games we were interested in. you know, like catan, battlestar galactica. we totally purchased pass the pigs, and plan on playing it tonight when we have some friends over for din.

the first place we went was austin books and comics. this place was awesome. they had this giant hulk. totally felt like i was in an episode of, 'the big bang theory' here. ha ha.

we also stopped by great hall games on north lamar. that's where we spent most of our time. they had pretty much every game you can imagine...puzzles, too and those life sized checker and chess sets. awesome!

the other rock of note, from this weekend, is this one!

woohoo! it was a year ago sunday that dan popped the question. :) so crazy to think that saturday marked 9 months of marriage. short engagements are awesome, i tell you. for fun you can read about our wedding here and our engagement here. you know you want to!

dan had a little surprise night out planned, that was so simple and awesome. first we went to dog and duck pub, for dinner and a pint. this is where we actually first met at a pub theology talk, and also where he proposed last year. i adore doing sentimental things like that!

after that, we went for a walk in my old neighborhood, where i lived where we first became friends. so sweet. we walked to toy joy, which was another place we visited as just friends. such a sweet stroll down memory lane talking about God's goodness in all that He has brought us through!

we had an awesome, awesome weekend. we felt so spoiled getting to be together so much and just soaked in every single minute we could.

thanks for reading!


  1. Yay, Em! What a fabulous weekend and congrats on your one year engagement anniversary. :) Thanks for all your encouragement on Megan's wedding posts. Hope you have a great week!

  2. That restaurant looks neat! Congrats on your 1 year! Do you have 3 rings?

  3. thanks y'all!

    t-yes! the bottom is the engagement diamond, the middle ring is a band that matches dan's wedding band that we had has our 'life verse' john 15:16 on the inside....but when it arrived i didn't like the way it looked with my diamond, lol, so i got a plain band from james avery, and usually wear them all together. :D

  4. oopsie i got those mixed up. the one with the lines matches dan, ha!

  5. you guys are so fancy! how can you top this with your real wedding anniversary coming up so soon?? the pressure is on, daniel! ;)