November 8, 2011

i love technology

i've downloaded several cool things to my phone lately that i wanted to talk about and share with you, world.

first, i just have to say that i know my (future) children will grow up in a world where they don't know about landlines or CD's, and clunky desktops will probably be a thing of the past. they will also probably get their pilots license at 16 because we will for sure have flying cars by then. just saying.

but it still amazes me---God is so cool in the creation of technology. just today i was inspired by His beauty as i looked outside to see grey clouds moving and weaving so wonderfully, ushering in cooler, refreshing weather that our earth has been groaning for. on cool days like this, you can just feel the relief in the air. on the same token, i find so much beauty in the way God creates the intricacy's of technology. the minds he gives men and women to hash out and put together things that are just amazing. like it just blows me away to g-chat with my friends in eastern europe. crazy.

anyway, i'm really thankful and grateful, and probably a little spoiled that i have capabilities that allow me to download music, songs and games to my iPhone instantly. nonetheless, here are some fun things i've been doing lately.

"tn ep" by sandra mccracken & derek webb
(buy it on iTunes, or by clicking here! starting at $5)

this album is the epitome of fall and good driving music. the husband and i have listened to it probably no less than a hundred times. i love every song on this album, but i think my favorite has to be their cover of, "the sound of silence." it's so delicious and dissonant and perfect. six songs long, and a worthy listen. in fact, go listen to the first track here! go go go!

you don't know jack
(get it through your iTunes store, $2.99)

i used to have this on my iMac back in the day. and i loved it. hours of playing with friends or just in single player mode, cookie, the voice-host, produces countless hours of witty banter and jokes to keep you highly entertained. this game is so creative. i have played about four complete rounds on my phone so far, and i have to admit that the jokes and cut-ups this round are a little bit crass for my taste. the craziest question i've gotten so far, is that if elizabeth taylor wanted to be buried next to her all her ex-husbands, how many pieces would she have to be divided into? yowza! i got it wrong. eight marriages, yes, but 2 of them were to the same person...tricky.

"orange jumpsuit" by tara-leigh cobble
(get it on amazon for $9.99)

ok. tara-leigh called me on the phone once. there. i said it. i'm cool, i know. HA! ok the truth is, she was trying to come to paradigm or do something with the church i was on staff with in lubbock. the sad that i was on my way out of this job, we were having an over all staff change in general, plus i was leaving for eastern europe, new phone change over, etc etc, so we never got in touch. but you can rest easy knowing that we are totally friends on facebook. ha!

i also got to hear her sing at my buddie jeff t's, book release of, "friendlationships." and she was totally amazing.

anyway, i have read and devoured her other two books. my most favorite thing in life, is hearing people's stories. it's especially cool when there's a very important way i can relate to it, but really my affections for God are stirred by hearing how uniquely He has made us all. i love biography's, autobiographies, listening to my husband talk about history in a way that makes it come alive...all awesome stuff.

here it is.

i bought the kindle version yesterday afternoon. i have no idea what chapter i'm in because i'm reading it from my phone, but i think i'm a little over halfway through. i had a hard time putting it down to work this morning. tara-leigh is a great communicator and processor. so far, i believe God is teaching me a lot about His character. specifically around purpose--that there is no surprise to Him--the depths of His love and the joy of obedience. working through tension and heartache in a community of Christ followers is an experience like no other. it is sharpening, messy, confusing, deep and rich with God's mercy. i definitely will be giving some of these books as gifts soon, y'all.

thanks for reading friends. i'd love to hear what you are reading and listening to, as well! i'll try my best keep you posted on more awesome finds. HA! happy tuesday!


  1. I used to play You Don't Know Jack! Like way back in middle school!

  2. haha! that is awesome. i love that game! i wish the app was multi-player...