November 27, 2011

turkey turkey turkey turkey

well, we did it, yall. we got us a farm fresh turkey from greenling this year and did it up, right! here's a pic of our bird when it arrived on tuesday. all 16.2 pounds of it!

the first thing we did was make a brine for the bird. this is really a good idea if you have a fresh one. if you buy from a store, be sure to check to see if it's been injected with a salty sodium mixture already, because it it is, you won't want to add more salt to it with a brine!

i used a really simple recipe i found over at pioneer woman. i didn't have any rosemary on hand, but it still turned out great! here's the pic of the cooking brine.

we ordered some brining bags from amazon, AND some cooking bags. to me, this is the secret to a juicy turkey! here's the bird in the brinng bag with the brine.

we sealed up the bag and let it soak all night long and then took it out and gave it a good rinse, the next morning. then, we patted the bird dry and put it in the oven bag coating the outside with flour, and adding some melted butter and pats of butter all over the bird. YUM! the thing about oven bags is, that they reduce the time you need to cook it. i love it. our bird cooked in just three hours. ta-da!

we had an amazing feast! we shared this day with our neighbors and great friends, jana and larry and their kiddos, my oldest sis, her family and her mom, and dan's mama. we had a full, but very fun house!

i loved being able to have a lot of people around. somehow, we did not eat all the food that we made and had a ton left over. i went back to pioneer woman (ol' faithful, for sure!) and got a great recipe for turkey pot pie. i used our leftover turkey, mashed potatoes, creamed corn and green bean casserole. major yummy goodness! here are four of the five pot pies i got with our extra food!

i hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

thanks for reading!

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