November 14, 2011

the ruby and issy show

this past saturday we got to babysit our nieces---we had a blast! we also did a lot of fun activites like playing with shadows in the flashlight, and pretending to be different animals. but first, cookie decocrating, naturally.

i love this picture of ruby, so hard at work!

they made cookies to eat and cookies for their parents. (check out the bite out of this one, haha!)

here are both the girls. i think they had fun!


we also played a memory game. this was a huge hit!

of course after all the sugar, we had to spend some time running around like wild banshees. keep watching...issy pretends to be a carrot about halfway through, and it's hilarious!

after all this running around it was time to watch diego and dora. my only regret is that i did not get any video of dan's hilarious commentary on the resucue pack. just sayin.

ruby left a little earlier than issy, so we had a few extra hours, post dora and diego, of pretending to be animals. here's my favorite animal video.

thanks for reading!


  1. I think we all need to spend a little time each and every day pretending to be a carrot. Does a body good.

    This is awesome...thanks for taking care of our wild beasties!

    :-) ps: Ruby LOVES playing matching/memory with the awesome hearts you made!

  2. How wonderful that they have such a fun Aunt and Uncle. Love that you post these.

  3. Such adorableness!! What fun times and sweet memories! :)

  4. beautiful children!!!! I'm a friend of Teresa's

  5. they are so cute! :) you are a fun aunt!