December 30, 2011

issy sauce

i got to hang out with my niece issy. here are some pics of everything we did. you can also see our brownie making pics, here.

we had a p. terry's picnic in the living room. yum!

tired monster.

we also visited thomas the train and friends at barnes and noble.

running and running and running, at the arboretum. 

you can't see it, but this is one of several giant cow statues at the arboretum. "i want to ride that cow, emmy!" how could i resist?

also...i recently decided it was a good idea to teach her to say 'sauce' at the end of everything. i find it pretty hilarious. today, of her own accord, she started adding 'cheese' sometimes instead of sauce. or occasionaly you'd get both.

"emmy, let's go pick up uncle dan cheese sauce."

thanks for reading-sauce!