December 29, 2011

squash night

last night we had our friends, team herbert, over for dinner. turns out, it was really a squashfest!

my acupuncturist told me at my last visit, to eat more foods that occur warm in nature. as far as vegetables go, this means things like root vegetables, like squash, potatoes...even mustard greens. so i've been on a squash kick. i have to say i've really been enjoying it. over christmas i made sweet acorn squash from pioneer woman, and last night i made squash soup and squash dinner rolls. major win on all three!

so my job last night was to make some greens and pick up some rotisserie chicken, and somewhere in my tiny brain, i forgot that kaye was bringing squash herself, as a side (along with some AMAZING bluberry pie! oh my word.) so being on my new squash kick, and having a bunch of squash in the fridge...squash night happened. her squash was a savory acorn squash with feta. sooooo good!

it as delicious. i think we should consider opening a squash trailer.

here's a pic of the man, aka elijah. he is growing up!!

i hope we get to have squash night again soon. if you have any good squash recipes...send them my way!

thanks for reading.

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