December 5, 2011

morning routines

i have been thinking a lot lately about getting my morning off to a better start. i think this will first begin with a good night's sleep. although we tend to head to bed pretty consistently between 10-11pm, we both tend to read and check emails in bed before falling asleep. or my favorite, long conversations. ha!

a few mornings a week i have been getting up earlier than dan. the house is calm and quiet and i have some awesome alone time to read and think. i really should do this more. maybe i should set an alarm to go to bed too.

here are five things i'd like to consistently incorporate into my morning routine:

1. making and drinking a cup of tea
2. getting through my entire lectionary reading
3. a 30 minute workout -something like yoga or jogging/walking. i go to the gym a couple times a week for different classes or swimming, but these are things that are easy for me to do when i hop out of bed.
4. washing my face -this sounds weird maybe but it's something that ALWAYS wakes me up and i usually neglect this until night.
5. food prep --i like to start out my day with eggs and turkey bacon. sometimes i am just too lazy or tired to get there. also, this includes making dan's lunch--but sometimes i do that the night before when i'm boxing up leftover food.

what do you do, and what works for you?

thanks for reading!

1 comment:

  1. Love these morning routine ideas. Getting up earlier and having some quiet time is always a challenge for me, but you inspire me to try again in the morning! Love your traditions post, too. All those ideas sound so meaningful. :) Happy Monday, friend!