December 1, 2011

sweet scarf give-away!

recently, my bud tara made the cutest scarf ever! she's really crafty and awesome and has done other projects like pillows, a t-shirt quilt and check out this rad bracelet. love it!

she's giving away one of these aforementioned scarves. here's a pic of her wearing one like the one you can win!

totally cute, huh? 

if you want to try to win one like me, here's what you do:

1. follow her blog!
2. let her know what colors you'd like your scarf to be!
3. follow her on twitter @dashingpearls 
4. tweet about the giveaway
5. blog about the giveaway and leave a comment on her blog with the link

do it! it's fun. and who doesn't want a cute, handmade scarf?

thanks for reading!


  1. I'm pretty sure you should win just because this is the best post ever! :)

    I'm going to delete this comment if you do so that it doesn't look rigged! HA!