December 1, 2011

three great christmas albums

i loooooooove christmas music, and do not mind when it starts playing right after halloween. in fact, that's when i usually bust it out, too!

i wanted to share my top three most favorite christmas albums this year, so you can enjoy some great tunes, too.

1. pink martini, joy to the world

i love this band, so much. i was introduced to them by a coworker, who i attended their concert with. they are mad talented. while i like every song, i'd have to say that my favorites are, 'we three kings,' 'elohai n'tzaor,' and, 'do you hear what i hear.'

the lead singer is fluent in many languages, so you never know what you're going to get...russian, arabic, japanese...such a treat and really a world influence. love it!

2. canaries in the coal mine, scarf weather

i actually know 1/2 half of this band, who is a lovely individual by the name of jordan whitmore. she used to lead worship occasionally at my church when we first planted. she is also mad talented, and can play the piano like nobody's business.

i have had this one just on repeat for a long time. HA! i love, 'falling like snow,' and their version of, 'go tell it on the mountain.' they are so fun to listen to!

3. over the rhine, the darkest night of the year

this whole album is just ridiculous. -LY GOOD! there's a song on here, probably my favorite, called 'mary's waltz,' that is about a blind girl and her guardian angel. it makes me tear up every time. the melody gets to me and the story is beautiful. ah! they also do a really great cover of, 'it came upon a midnight clear.' there's a lot of piano and melancholy strings, which is my favorite.

what are your favorite holiday tunes?

thanks for reading!

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  1. Kevin Max - "Holy Night"
    Jars of Clay - "Christmas Songs"
    Brian McKnight - "I'll Be Home For Christmas"