February 9, 2012


how much of a slacker am i? seriously. it's been way too long since i've updated here, but here we go!

well we cancelled our trip to LA at the end of the month--more on this later. we are trying to plan for a bigger trip, in november, so i'll keep you updated, internet friends.

other than that, we have had the opportunity to celebrate a lot lately, and it has been wonderful.

we went to cove towards the end of january to celebrate dan's mom's birthday. we had a blast (we always do), AND we got to pick her best friend, rena, up at the airport and take her with us, so it was a treat to get to spend time with her. we had so much fun eating, chatting and hearing stories about when anita and rena were roommates, ha! i also got to spend some time with allison which was also a huge blessing to me.

february 5th, we celebrated our first year of marriage! woohoo! i can't believe it's been a year already. we went to the emerald restaurant out in bee caves-ish, which is a tiny little restaurant inside of a house, that's 100% irish. oh yes. it was...ridiculous. (in a good way!)

we had a multi-course meal, including the little cup of green sherbert in between the soup, salad and main course, to, "cleanse your pallet" so you know it's legit.

even the linens and tablecloths, and tons of crystal drinkware, are all from ireland. quaint and gorgeous.

this was our waiter, who is also one of the chefs. and the flaming thing in his hand?? flaming onion soup. di-vine, friends.

by the way, the morning of our actual anniversary, dan surprised me with breakfast AND starbucks in bed. he knows the way to my heart, i tell you. he also writes the best cards, or as i like to call them, love letters to me. swooon. i keep them all.

we also hosted a baby shower for our friend sue this past weekend. since it's february, we made all kinds of red and pink decor (thanks, jana!).  

we also had folks write down baby name suggestions. hilarious. my favorite is, 'wildflower.'

that's all i got, y'all. i pinky promise to update again soon.

thanks for reading!

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