February 13, 2012

planning & goal setting

you guys know what a freak i am about planning, setting goals and staying organised. and i hope you know by now too, that i am extremely imperfect when it comes to these things, and it is by God's grace that my house is still standing. really. ha! but nonetheless, these types of things do fill my tanks and drive me forward.

yesterday, the hubs and i got to sit down for about an hour and just make a list of everything we want to do. he wants to work on a rosetta stone course, i want to clean out the garage. he needs to write a paper to get into grad school, i want to create an organization that helps our homeless friends get stuff when they get into housing. we both want to read a book on marriage together. he wants to start up a pub talk, i want to better organize our dinner parties.

none of these things will ever get done, if we don't commit to set some goals, and make a plan.

so, what does this actually look like?

first, as i mentioned, we wrote everything out on a list, and then answered questions around each item. for example, dan wants to start a pub talk. we asked:

what does this look like?
who will come?
who will this be geared towards?
how often will this event take place?
what day of the week and time are best?
how will i communicate this information?

i printed off blank calendars, from feb to june, so that we could plug all our to-do lists in, once we had them established and asked our questions. we decided pub talk would be once a month (every first monday), starting in april. we then made  a list of folks he wanted to talk to about coming to this event and will do this over the next month. then we calendered a day to create an evite for the first event, and then put it on the calendar for every first monday, starting in april.

for the record, his are always easier for me. why is it so much easier for me to help someone else break things down into achievable chunks? HA! someday i will get to this garage. you bet, i'll be in the next five months, tho!

thanks for reading.


  1. you are the most organized person i know! very inspiring! i like to do stuff like this but following through and being consistent is difficult for me. i am learning and growing though!

  2. thanks girl. i still have a lot to learn, but i think event planning and goal setting for a 1000+ person ministry for several years taught me a lot! HA! sometimes i think it was maybe easier making decisions for all of them, than my own house. :)