February 24, 2012

what's the plural form of pegasus?

last weekend was a long weekend. it was awesome. i am still soaking up the fact that dan has nights and weekends off now. it's like christmas every time there's a holiday.

saturday, i went to dallas to spend the weekend with my bff. it was short, but definitley sweet. we stayed at the magnolia, in downtown dallas...a hotel that is not lacking in pegasus's. (pegausi?)

we talked a lot. about life, theology, fear, the fear of God, mission, marriage...among many other things. we also had some amazing cheeseless pizza at coal vines uptown.

on monday, we got to hang with issy, because mary had to work. so we went to the zoo to use a groupon that's about to expire. uncle dan was the hero of the day and carried issy around on his shoulders, the ENTIRE time. love.

we also saw a really cute duck.

i hope you all had a great and long weekend, too.

thanks for reading!

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