February 26, 2012


i am so thankful for two amazing friends who got engaged today, amanda and jose. i could not be happier for these two and can just hardly stand how excited i am!!

amanda and i got to spend the morning together on saturday, and i will always be so thankful for that cherished time. a little calm before the (good) storm of wedding planning, engagement and all that that entails. since i knew what was happening on sunday, i insisted that we get manicures and have brunch (yay!). dan had given me a generous gift card to milk and honey, for christmas, and we cashed it in on some luxurious manicures and girl talk. after that, we headed out to the w for brunch. amanda had chicken and waffles, i had the lavaca omelet. oh my gawsh. so good.

you know i instagramed that omelet.

amanda and jose started dating right around our wedding last year and i always teased her that getting a hispanic last name was the best thing EVER! (well, let's be honest it is.) so now that it's almost a reality, well...i'm just overwhelmed with goodness!!

i appreciate their story so much. they both met at soma, just like me and dan, and they both love Jesus a lot. it's been amazing, to be a part of their story since before they began dating, to watch God use them in each other's lives to shape and mold them to be more like Him. it is true that they are/will be more powerful together than alone, and i can not wait to celebrate their marriage!

here's a picture (i'm a total cheeseball) of some awesome red mugs i had made for their special day today. from etsy, of course. (here's the shop!)

tonight, after celebrating with amanda and jose, dan and i had date night part 2. we went out on friday, which was awesome, but our 'talk time' over a beer at the brixton got cut short by (seriously) a local beard association overtaking the entire space. it was kind of amazing to watch, actually.

we had a groupon, and went out to trattoria lisina in driftwood and shared wine food and some really, really good desserts. here's a pic of our proscuitto pizza. with white truffle oil. and lemon soaked arugula. and parmesean. YUM.

anyway, date night part 2. so...i think a major misconceptions i had before being married, is that being married without kids meant that every night was date night. and we'd like curl up on the couch and watch movies all the time, and it would be bliss and romance 24/7. so. not. true. i mean it's awesome and a party and i loooove being married to my man. but just like any other relationship, you have to work. it's work to pursue marriage. it's work to pursue friendship. it's work to talk about the things that aren't fun so you can confess, repent, make a plan, take action, change directions, love one another deeply. and then make out. for real. :)

and for all of that i am thankful. my husband loves me so much, and i don't know that i'll ever fully grasp what that means among receiving his grace, his rebuke, his tender heart towards me, his encouragement, and his LOVE. i am so thankful for him and thankful we can have a continual conversation on how we can push each other more toward Jesus in the process. unreal.

i really love that dude.

lot's to be thankful for, friends.

thanks for reading!

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