March 16, 2012

baby steps

do you ever feel so overwhelmed that you just have to pause and reevaluate?

for me, this often happens around the new year, but it's been happening in the past few weeks as well. our budget, for example, got a huge overhaul when we realised we needed to downsize like, everything. income went down, gas went up. you know how it is. and you see, we have some dreams (that i'll post about at a later date) that are expensive. but God, who is just a total crazar, sometimes. (i mean that in the best way possible, seriously.) and He starts doing things and changing hearts and providing. wow.

i feel like we are definitely on the path to something. what it shapes up to be, will be the right thing (this is usually the case when you just say yes to the Lord calling you). for now, we just take it one day at a time.

baby steps.

(this is a picture issy took of herself. she said "cheese, emmy!" perfect. cheese, indeed.)

thanks for reading!

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