March 18, 2012

st. patrick's day gruene

gruene, tx (pronounced like green), might be my favorite spot in this giant state. it's nestled inside of new braunfels, around halfway between austin and san antonio. i spent a lot of time there floating the river, back when i coached at newks tennis ranch, and i've always wanted to take dan.

gruene is home to the oldest dance hall in texas. somehow my awesome photo of it totally disappeared, sad!! but here are a couple of pics from around this small little gem of a town.

it's basically a street long, and full houses turned antique shops, a soda fountain, a wine tasting room and of course the dance hall. there are also lots of GREAT places to eat, namely the gristmill which is built out over the river. we chose cantina del rio, because they have both burgers AND tacos.

this was by far the highlight of our st  paddys day. we also trecked to the riverwalk in san antonio, but it was pretty much a fail. we quickly sipped our sub-par and poorly poured guinness, at waxy o'connors, standing in between to tables, trying to get a view of the irish folk singer who was playing. also i think i got pink eye.

i hope you all had a fantastic st. patrick's day, too!

thanks for reading.

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  1. I've always wanted to visit Gruene and now I know it is a must see!! :)