March 23, 2012

pub talk

when people ask how my husband and i met, i joke with them and say "at a bar." but it's true, actually.

i started this little initiative along time ago called wine for Jesus. it lasted about a year, it was my thing. i wanted somewhere to invite friends, people, coworkers i had met, into a conversation about life. i had a lot of support around me for it, and we had a great one year. towards the end we changed it to 'pub talk' and called it when our fan base dwindled. no big deal, we had other things come out of it that we needed to focus on. it was time for a change.

I know, I have very little concept of design, but I was REALLY excited about this chicken on the Pub Talk Tumblr.

but while wfJ was going strong, daniel decided to attend one night, december of 2008. that's where we met.

"are you emily?" asked this dude wearing a sports coat, sipping on a chimay.

we got to know him that night as we all shared stories of brokenness, celebration, challenge and growth from the past year. he never got rid of us that night and we became great friends. at first---just because i felt a responsibility towards him since i was his path into our group, but then because we just genuinely enjoyed each other's company. he was always up for these wild hair's i'd have in serving others. he supported me when i went car-less and gave me lots of rides. God knit our hearts together through these experiences, ultimately calling us into a relationship and into marriage. AWESOME. awesome, awesome, awesome.

check out my post about him on our tumblr page:

so in recent months, we've reflected on this experience many times on pub talk. wine for Jesus. both of these. and decided we felt like it's something we wanted to pursue again. we have a lot of really amazing people in our lives, from all over this city, who, like us, crave this kind of conversation.

it's going to look a little bit different, but it's going to be a fulfilling experience. a wonderful, intentional journey. and we invite you to join us.

pub talk is launching april 2nd, 7pm at the dog and duck pub. visit our site, and like us on facebook, to join the discussion.

we genuinely hope to share a pint and a conversation with you.

thanks for reading!

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  1. This is great! A very cool way to encourage each other and reach out to people. (I don't know why, but that funny scene from Good Will Hunting where Matt Damon intellectually tells off that guy in the bar came to my head....)