April 11, 2012

cocktail tuesday: little salty dog

yesterday, my friend melissa and i made a drink called, 'salty perrito.' so, so good. i had one last weekend at a mexican restaurant here in austin and fell in love with it.

i have to say tho, if you don't like grapefruit, love it, crave it, desire it....this drink is 100% not for you.

what's funny is, i've had salty dogs before, or champagne and grapefruit juice, but didn't make the connection until yesterday, that, 'perro' is 'dog' in spanish. duh.

so here's how you make yours. take a glass, salt the rim, and fill the glass with ice. then, squeeze your heart out on 1-2 grapefruits (depending on how many of you there are), and add four shots of grapefruit and one shot of some type of silver tequila (1800 is awesome). stir, and and a splash of sprite on top.

i will say, we like our drinks a little on the weak side. that is, so we can take in lots and lots of grapefruity goodness, because we are obsessed.

go make one! and then make one for me.

thanks for reading!

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