April 10, 2012

thirty in 30

wow, jana reminded me about this and i have been SLACKING! over at plastic cupcake i made a list of thirthy things to do while i'm 30 years old. well, friends, i turn the big THREE-ONE in may, so time is running out! here's the list (the bolded ones are completed).

1. try ten new recipes.  (i'm pretty certain i exceeded this one!)
2. have a garage sale. (two, in fact!)
3. read ephesians with a purpose. (whew, doggie!)
4. give generously. (thank you, budgeting. and really, as much as we are able, this has become a rhythm.)
5. do the master cleanse.
6. run 10K.
7. send a care package to a friend overseas. (south sudan, what what!)
8. play a game of tennis.
9. scrapbook our wedding. (this one was really fun!)
10. make homemade trail mix. (i've made two, i like the second one better.)
11. do a push-up without cheating. just one! (seroiusly. it was ONE.)
12. go to a concert. (celtic woman, end of last may.)
13. make hopkins county stew. (i think we did this four times.)
14. have a movie marathon.
15. throw a party. (who haven't i thrown a party for??)
16. ride a roller coaster at a theme park. (the drag ride at hp world. holy moly.)
17. successfully make peanut-butter fudge. (this one's still up for debate, bc i started make vegan pb cups instead...)
18. attend a play. (we saw scrooge at Christmas.)
19. create a cocktail. (i made a punch with vodka, raspberries, pomegranate soda and perrier. YUM.)
20. decorate like crazy for a holiday. (hellooooooo Christmas. it will be bigger and better this year.)
21. attend a roller derby bout.
22. write a letter to my friend beatrice in zim. (oh, bea!)
23. finish the harry potter lego video game, with the hubs.
24. take someone to fusebox who has never been. (took dan to sixtyin60. it was crazy.)
25. go to a football game. (GO BIG RED!!! our friend jose is a coach in salado.)
26. do a craft project for the house.  (made some cool fabric hoops for our room.)
27. hit my 10,000th tweet. (this was to my friend,krissy! last easter!!)
28. go on a random photo shoot. (went with jana to richard moya to shoot the old soco bridge!)
29. visit the nursing home in our neighborhood.
30. start a running group in our neighborhood.

okay so i have SEVEN things left! i'll be honest. sounds like i need to do a cleanse, and start a running club with the nursing home and then all go out for some hp lego at roller derby. HA! i seriously doubt i will actually run six miles between now and then, but we'll see. since i'm all into yoga and dance jam now.

thanks for reading!

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