May 25, 2012

grocery challenge, week 4!

okay, you're probably wondering what happened to week 4, REALLY.

well, i got the flu. and then i got bronchitis. so i haven't been to the store in a week and a half, HA! so we went yesterday. i did okay. i had a moment where i spent $7 on bulk m&m's because who knew sunflower had those?? i've been on a major popcorn kick while i've been sick (who knows...) and we always put m&m's in our popcorn. so yeah. $7. not the wisest choice ever, but nonetheless, i figured a $61 total wasn't too bad!

here are some recipes i'm planning on making with what i bought:

brocolli, grape and pasta salad
(it's so delicious. i know what you're thinking...grapes?! oh yes.)

plantain and apple crisp
(except i'll be using regular bananas)

(i'm stuffing this thing with spinach, chicken and pepperoni.)

magic kale salad with pistachios and apples
the apples yes, but we usually leave the pistachios's so delish!

everything else on here is for lunches. turkey wraps, potato salad, chips, fruit, tea, and salads. YUM! it's going to be a tasty week.

thanks for reading.

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