May 25, 2012

exclusive! never before seen footage of my life.

i recently became an android user, y'all. i never thought i'd say that. my husband has been convinced for many, many moons, that i would hate it. however, when we finally got fed up with our current provider, we decided to join the t-mobile family. and it's all android all the time. (or blackberry, but dan said he'd judge me big time if i went bb. ha!).

anyway, all this to say, i dumped all my pics onto the computer before wiping my iphone and selling it for mad cash on ebay.

here are 12, never before seen (on the blog) pictures, of life as a rodriguez.

some chevrons i painted in our kitchen. 

dan's union jack cake from last fourth of july.

a ridiculous amount of food my mom and i bought at whole foods.

me and jana on her bday at the alamo. we were seeing, 'troop beverly hills.' AWESOME!


this is how hot it got last summer. haaaaaaaa.

memory games i made for issy and ruby, for christmas.

speaking of christmas...

one time instead of going to bed, i painted stripes in one of our hallways.

uncle dan is the coolest. esp when he carries you on your shoulders throughout the entire zoo.

me and steph. happy lubbock reunion!

arrangement i did for our sweet friend amanda's shower!

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