May 6, 2012

grocery challenge week two

okay, fans. i'm going grocery shopping tonight for the second week of our $50 budgeting makeover. week one faired extremly well, and we have corn on the cob leftover that i will be making for our soma group this week.

(we are having dinner together. it's mexican themed. there must be street corn.)

i am also making gucamole because it's my favorite food ever, so much to my enjoyment i saw that there were haas avos on sale at sunflower for 77 cents! SCORE! check it.

my attention is also drawn to the 4 for $5 blackberries (so there will be cobbler this week at least once), and the 2 for $1 water melons. so, therefore i will also be making some melon fresca's to drink! i'm not sure i'll get 10 for $10 on the apples, but i might get a few, and i'm hoping there will be a good deal on lemons when i get there too.

over and out. i'll let you know how i do.

you can read my food diary from week one by clicking here. note that somehow we still have a ton of toast and bacon in our house. how is this even possible?!

really, i am going to have to get creative tonight, because we are out of milk too. HA!

okay bye for real.

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