May 6, 2012

i love you, sunflower.

well i had a couple of hold-ups on my grocery trip tonight, the most painful one being that they were out of blackberries! NOOOO! and all the other berries were a crazy amount of money. then, i realised i had misread the watermelon specials...they were not two for $1, but 2 POUNDS for $1.


i won't lie, tonight was hard. i got flustered at the kale trying to make everything work and completely lost track of where i was, and opted to for-go buying milk or spaghetti sauce.


i knew at this point i would probably be about $5-6 over, but more likely $8. i began making excuses in my head about what i would say on my blog about being so unthrifty this week, and how i had two dinners to prepare for outside of our home, blah blah blah...

and lo and behold when i got to check out, i almost cried tears of joy when the cashier announced,

"your total is $45.83."

BAM, y'all!

i think i decided sometime last week that if i could just get one 'treat item' every week, that would make things super exciting. like, last week i got bacon, tonight i got some steaz (yum!). so here's my loot and receipt:

i'm leaving this pic sideways. i am totally done. fried. finished. over.

we had a dinner friday, garage sale saturday and bridal shower at the house sunday so i am totally toast.


good night friends!!

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