June 1, 2012

Week 5: Menu Planning and Grocery List

I know I said last week was week 3, but it was a lie. Yep! It was Week 4. And now it's week 5! BAM.

I went to Sprouts on Wednesday for double coupons (woohoo!) and came away spending only $50.70! I didn't even keep track of where I was this time, which was a bad attitude to go in with, but I knew I needed everything on my list and that it shouldn't be too far off. Maybe I am getting the hang of this?


All in all, it's not that much compared to the other weeks. I did get a couple of Rotisserie Chickens that kind of put me over the edge, spending wise. So here's what's on our list this week, menu-wise.

Whole Wheat Pop Tarts

Pita Sandwiches 
Fruit (we have a LOT of fruit in our house right now!)

Home Made Pizza (with leftover pepperoni, roasted chicken, and mushrooms)
Hopkins County Stew (we are feeding about 15 people, so we'll have to get additional things, that come out of a different budget.)
Roasted Chicken and Mushrooms
Spinach Salads
Blueberry Cobbler (we have some leftover from last week!)

That's all friends. Thanks for reading!

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